soft things aren’t meant to last

hammered organic material on tracing paper


I’ve always wanted to create art that could be viewed through a window. As a nosy person, I sometimes find myself wishing I could see the other side of the frames leaned up against my neighbors’ windows. By printing these flowers on transparent paper, I can hang art on my windows for everone to enjoy, while still letting light in.

The output of these is entirely dependent upon what’s in season. Each collection is a snapshot into a specific time period. Although I protect the pigments with UV spray, the flowers will eventually fade as they’re meant to. Nature reminds us how delicate and ephemeral beautiful things are, and we do our best to love them in their time. 

As I walk around my neighborhood, I gather leaves and flowers in bloom. I place them on tracing paper, cover them with a paper towel, and hammer the pigment out. I then let the papers dry and seal with a UV protectant spray.