a reading for the ready

acrylic on primed, unstretched canvas

completed 3 out of 22 planned pieces in the series

  01   THE HERMIT                 Dec ‘20 - Feb ‘21
  02   WHEEL OF FORTUNE           Mar - Apr ‘21
  03   THE MOON                   July - Aug ‘21              

  22   ?


This series is a thorough examination of the self. With each piece, I sit in a moment of honesty and self-reflection to decide what I will take with me going forward and what I intend to leave behind. These works are my way of focusing on healing by confronting the hurt. 

There are 78 tarot cards, split into the major + minor arcana. The 22 major arcana (the focus of this series) are often referenced in literature and film to signal the approach of a significant event for the person whose fortune is being read.

The card’s orientation is crucial. Rightside up, it can be interpreted as the standard definition of the card, but when drawn upside down, the card takes on an opposite/contrary meaning. For these works, I’ve chosen to consider both orientations of each card. I write words specific to each orientation, while generalizing to both.


This series is my first to combine research, writing, and visual techniques. I select a tarot card that resonates with where I am in my life. Then, I research the original card and its traditional symbols. I translate these tarot symbols to correlating botanicals by reading up on floral associations throughout history. Finally, I write a short phrase (or an “ism,” as I call it) to capture the essence of what the card means to me.

The canvas for every piece is proportional to standard tarot card dimensions. I want to call back to the lengthy history of tarot, while adapting the visuals and text elements to apply more specifically to my life.